Diamond Jubilee

Learning how color and stitches work together is important for anyone who does needlework. In the piece ‘Diamond Jubilee’ the stitcher has the opportunity to delve deeper in to this relationship. This design offers the student the chance to learn about color placement and juxtaposition; while also being encouraged to make changes to create emphasis and contrast. Each stitcher has the ability to decide which colorway they would like (from three color choices). The advanced intermediate stitches are deceptively difficult and will challenge many long-time stitchers. Executing the metallic borders will give an entirely different look to the piece and only enhances the individual understanding of how the juxtaposition of colors effects, and works off of, each area. A stitch guide is provided with design drawn on the canvas.

Diamond Jubilee is an 8 1/4” square design worked on a 13” square piece of 18 count white mono canvas. The center 8 Way Amadeus begins the journey of color and stitch juxtaposition learning and understanding. We will add the advanced stitches of Partial Walneto, 4 Way Crescent Amadeus and a border of Star Jessica’s to complete the piece. After all the stitches are done, it will be time to insert the metallic borders which separate some of the areas. In the end, beads are added to enhance the beauty of the interior stitches as well as the border. There are three color options from which to choose! This is an Advanced Intermediate piece.

Diamond Jubilee is stitched on 18-count canvas measuring 13” x 13.”

The finished size of this delightfully colorful piece is 8 1/4” x 8 1/4”.”

Advanced Intermediate

2 Day Class